Self-Driving Trucks Move Into Spotlight in 2018

Artificial intelligence has been in the news over the last couple of years, and automation is a move that major tech and transport industry players have been considering in an effort to cut down on costs, improve productivity as well as make our roads safe. Driverless trucks, once a concept relegated to the realms of science fiction, are about to become a reality on most American highways from coast to coast thanks to the concerted efforts of major stakeholders such as Uber and Waymo.

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Waymo Set To Roll Out Self-Driving Trucks

Waymo, an Alphabet company, announced two weeks ago that it was about to start testing self-driving semis on the highways of Atlanta. The rigs involved in the exercise will be used to ship Google’s cargo needed for the smooth running of its data center. However, the trucks won’t be fully autonomous; each vehicle will have a hands-free human driver.

Last year, Waymo tested self-driving trucks in Arizona and California in a rudimentary fashion without including the complexities that come with loading, booking and delivering orders. This new testing leg includes these processes and much more.

Uber in AI Freight Race With Waymo

Uber, on the other hand, has been at the forefront of self-driving semis thanks to the automation of its trucks under the Uber Freight program. However, Uber’s service is concentrated in Arizona at the moment, and isn’t fully automated: human drivers still collect loads before moving them onto self-driven semis which are then dropped off to be picked up by a human driven-truck, who then delivers them to the final location.

Google’s Waymo asserts that what sets their product apart from Uber’s is the fact that they are working with AI experts and engineers apply driving data accumulated from driving five million miles on public roads as well as five billion in simulation, all gathered over a ten-year period.

Truck Accidents – Is AI The Ultimate Answer?

Truck accidents are some of the worst auto accidents due to the largesse of these vehicles and the fact that they almost always include multiple cars. In addition, technology of this nature isn’t fool-proof: programming errors, missing software updates and mistakes during human takeover in metro areas can still lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries. Self-driving trucks will take driver fatigue out of the equation, but minute an unexpected environmental changes as well as unpredictable road conditions can all conspire to cause accidents.

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