Legal Help for Jet Ski Injuries on Lakes Shafer and Monroe

Jet Ski injuries are not uncommon on popular lakes in Indiana such as Lake Shafer and Lake Monroe. Summer sees a lot of families engaging in fun water sport activities such as jet skiing for those that like speed on the water. When someone sustains jet ski injuries, we as a Northwest Indiana personal injury law firm suspect negligence because more often than not, a human hand had a role to play in the negligence that led up to the accident.

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Jet Ski injuries tend to be catastrophic on account of the speeds experienced by Jet Ski riders on lake Shafer or lake Monroe in Indiana. They tend to involve limbs and the upper body, and will require extensive medical attention immediately to prevent permanent injury or paralysis.

Here are the most common Jet Ski injuries in Northwest Indiana:

1. Fractured or sprained ankle – This usually happens when a person is thrown off the Jet Ski with their foot hitting the water at an odd angle. The foot will then have to take in external force from the water in an attempt to come to a stop, which will result in a fracture or sprain.

2. Concussions – These tend to be the most common Jet Ski injuries due to a Jet Ski rider receiving a blow to the head once the skull hits the dense lake water at high speeds.

3. Spinal cord injuries – These happen due to the back hitting the water after a person is thrown off the Jet Ski. Spinal cord injuries require immediate medical intervention to prevent paralysis, seizures and blood clots.

4. Burns – These are caused by a malfunctioning jet ski bursting into flames which then spread to the rider’s body.

If you must Jet Ski, here are some of the safety tips you ought to follow:

* Always wear a life jacket since this may help you stay afloat and swim to safety if you get thrown off your jet ski.

* Resist the temptation to go fast, speed up or compete in an aggressive manner with other riders unless you have years of experience. Speeding can make it hard to come to a complete stop, and may make it hard to navigate choppy water or waves made by boats and other lake vehicles.

* Don’t drink before and during the operation of a jet ski since alcohol will impair your judgment as well as delay reaction time.

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Injuries sustained after an Indiana Jet Ski accident are expensive to treat or rehabilitate. If you believe your Jet Ski had a mechanical flaw, or were not provided with the necessary safety briefing to help you properly use it, you may be able to file a Jet Ski injury claim to recover financial compensation. Please give us a call today on 877-561-3004 and speak to our Northwest Indiana Jet Ski injury attorney in order to learn more about your legal rights. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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