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Sports are a great way of getting kids to exercise, socialize as well as providing them with an outlet for aggression. In addition, some naturally athletic kids may use sports to get ahead in life by way of scholarships. Since kids of a certain age are highly active in sports such as football, hockey and baseball, it is important that they are provided with equipment that will keep certain parts of their body safe from harm. These equipments should work as indicated, failure to which one can file a defective product lawsuit in Northwest Indiana.

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Sports Injuries in Northwest Indiana Schools

Sports injuries can be catastrophic in kids given their still growing organs. For example, a cracked football helmet may not be able to withstand the forces that are typical in a football game, giving way at the most inopportune of times, leading to severe concussions. Knee pads, on the other hand, may break into two during a game of hockey, leaving the knee and shin area open to a direct hit from a hockey stick, leading to a shattered knee cap or broken shin.

Defective Sports Equipment and Duty of Care

Sports equipment manufacturers are required to adhere to quality control tenets given the dangers of the sports they are creating equipment for. They are required to test each equipment and have them inspected before shipping them out for sale, as well as give out a recall notice in a timely manner should they receive reports of a defective equipment that can potentially cause harm to the wearer. This duty of care, should it breached, is punishable by way of a Northwest Indiana product liability lawsuit which seeks to make manufacturers, retailers and any other entity in the manufacturing chain accountable for the products they put out into the market.

Settlement for Northwest Indiana Product Liability Lawsuits

Injuries sustained by defective sports equipment are usually attributed to the manufacturer. There are various levels of liability such as pure negligence, warranty or strict liability. Due to this, you may be able to file a number of lawsuits in order to recover a substantial amount of compensation for your loved one. This will help take care of all medical bills in the present and future, cover physical therapy payments, and, if the injury was severe enough to cause impairment, modifications around the house as well as purchase of wheelchairs, specialized clothing, speech therapy and round-the-clock care for your child.

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