Talc Lawsuit Alleges J&J Conspired To Cover Up Ovarian Cancer Link

Johnson & Johnson is in the line of fire once again, with dozens of women who developed ovarian cancer after decades of using their products coming together in a lawsuit filed in St. Louis circuit court claiming that the company hid scientific information regarding the potential of their product to cause serious health complications.

Johnson & Johnson – Decades of Lies

The suit states that the company “blatantly lied” about talc safety in order to keep making money at the expense of the lives of consumers. Defense claims that the mine supplying the company’s talc has been shown to contain substances that are known carcinogens, such as asbestos. In addition, the lawsuit added that J&J employed and continues to employ testing methods that are “incapable” of definitively detecting whether or not their products have reached a purification level that guarantees the lack of asbestos.

Researcher Advised J&J To Include Warning Label on Talc Products

The lawsuit, brought forward by Lanier Law Firm, and Holland Law Firm, claims that studies harking back from 1971 and 1982, totaling 22, have shown an association between talc use and ovarian cancer. In addition, a researcher, Dr. Daniel Cramer, recommended that J&J include a warning on its talc-based products to give consumers fair notice.

Carol Goodrich, J&J spokeswoman, said in a statement that the FDA routinely requires specific statement to check that talcum powder does not contain asbestos. She went on to further state that the company is confident their talc products are, and always have been asbestos-free thanks to decades-worth of testing, regulation and monitoring.

J & J – Casting a Shadow on Regulatory Bodies and Government

Plaintiff named in the suit claim that J&J and related partners hid the truth for decades, and that they procured and shared misleading, false, and biased information about the safety of their products. They added that the company used influence over regulatory and government bodies to continue selling their asbestos-contaminated products.

J&J is currently facing 4,800 talc lawsuits, and this number is expected to keep growing.

Lawyer for Talc Lawsuits in Northwest Indiana

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