Legal Help for Hoverboard Injuries in Indiana

Hoverboards were all the rage back in 2015, and it seems that we as a country haven’t gotten over them. Used mostly by teenagers and young adults, hoverboards are seen as a great way of moving from one point to another in an effortless fashion. Hoverboards are fitted with sensitive gyroscopes that shift in response to your weight in order to keep you balanced as the wheeled device moves forward.

Injured by a defective hoverboard in Indiana? Please call hoverboard injury lawyer Michael McCready today on 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation so we can determine whether you can file an Indiana defective product claim in order to collect money damages.

Why Are Hoverboard Injuries Common?

Hoverboard injuries are extremely common for a number of reasons. To begin with, hoverboards have been shown to be unstable the minute they come into contact with any kind of debris on a flat surface. Whether it’s a piece of stone on the sidewalk, a stick or a toy one of your children left on the floor, hoverboard wheels can go out of sync without warning as they go over these kinds of obstacles. This leads to an unintended turn which can throw you off the device, leading to serious head or limb injuries.

Defective Hoverboards Causing Injuries

Some hoverboard sellers in Indiana as well as across the country don’t do their due diligence when importing these from China for resale. It has been shown that many Chinese hoverboard manufacturers have been known to install defective or poorly made lithium ion batteries in these devices to cut costs. This has led to the hundreds of news items regarding hoverboards catching on fire or exploding during charging or use. In fact, most airlines forbid passengers from checking in hoverboards as luggage due to their propensity to explode or catch fire.

Here are some of the most common hoverboard injuries:

  1. Concussions
  2. Traumatic brain injury
  3. Broken bones
  4. Organ damage

Indiana Product Liability Lawyer

It may be possible to file an Indiana product liability lawsuit in order to recover money damages if your hoverboard injuries were caused by a defective product. You can sue for your hospital bill, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering and more, all of which will go a long way in helping you rebuild your life after a serious hoverboard accident. Call the Indiana hoverboard injury lawyer today on 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation.

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