How To Get Legal Compensation For Oversize Truck Accidents

Millions of commercial vehicles are registered to use our roads and do so with each passing day. These vehicles, some of which include wide load and oversize trucks carry cargo as well as produce from one state to another. They form a vital part of the economy since they ensure supply chains are not broken and that people receive their goods in a timely manner. That being said, oversize and wide load trucks in Indiana pose a grave danger to other road users for a number of reasons that we’ll take a look at shortly.

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What Makes Oversize Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

  • Oversize trucks have a higher center of gravity due to their chassis height as well as large tires. According to physics, anything that has an elevated center of gravity is prone to toppling over. This makes these vehicles risky to drive on roads that are shared by drivers with much smaller cars.
  • These trucks also more often than not carry a lot of cargo at any given time. Should they be involved in an accident, this cargo can come unhinged and be sent flying onto oncoming traffic, causing multiple catastrophic injuries as well as causing a traffic standstill.
  • Another thing that makes oversize vehicles dangerous is their sheer size and width, making it so hard for the truck driver to see what’s behind them. Other drivers at the same time have their field of vision obstructed, making it almost impossible for them to react fast in the seconds before a collision.
  • Oversize and wide load trucks have uneven weight distribution due to carrying cargo exclusively at the back. This makes it hard for them to turn corners well, making it more likely for them to topple over and crush cars on their sides, causing serious fatalities.

Why You Should Contact an Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

The government tries to limit the amount of cargo these oversize trucks can carry by instituting fines for any loads above a certain weight. In addition, should a truck be found to be carrying a weight that’s over what’s legally allowed, the driver may have their license suspended or even taken away. Most of these trucking companies only care about profit and have armies of lawyers to defend them in the event that their trucks cause accidents. It’s because of this that you need timely legal representation to get you the compensation you deserve shortly after being involved in an Indiana truck accident.

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