Indiana Amusement Park Injuries

Up to 27 million Americans visit amusement parks each year. These are ideal for a family outing, and they feature many attractions such as rides and shows as well as food stands that can keep a family busy and entertained for a full day. While these are often seen as fun and safe places, this isn’t always the case.

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Indiana amusement park injuries can happen due to a number of reasons that we’ll take a look at shortly. That being said, it is important to note that accidents almost always are due to human negligence or error. Amusement parks are overseen by a number of staff who have to work purposefully and in tandem so that rides are set up in a safe manner, and that any potential hazards are clearly marked out so that patrons can avoid them.

Here are some of the most common causes of Indiana amusement park injuries:

  1. Defective or poorly assembled rides breaking down during operation
  2. Slip and fall due to spilled water left on the floor
  3. Workers not providing patrons with the necessary safety gear such as helmets
  4. Dark and poorly lit areas of the park causing falls
  5. Reckless operation of rides by poorly-trained staff.

Amusement Park Injuries are Catastrophic

Amusement park injuries in Indiana tend to be serious, needing urgent emergency care. Head trauma, broken bones, whiplash, internal bleeding and burns can lead too permanent injuries, scarring and complications if not treated in a timely manner, so it is important to see a doctor immediately. At the same time, management in these Indiana theme parks will make you sign waivers before entering or trying out a ride; this, however, shouldn’t stop you from getting in touch with an Indiana amusement park attorney since all we will need to do is prove negligence in order to invalidate waivers.

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