Legal Help For Commercial Haunted House Injuries In Northwest Indiana

Halloween is just around the corner, and Northwest Indiana residents will be prepping their costumes to visit some of the many haunted houses found scattered across the region. These are great places where one can spend a scary night with their loved ones without having to worry about decking the house in scary props and decorations. However, these cheap and cheerful commercial haunted houses sometimes cut corners in the hopes that nobody will notice, and that they’ll be able to save money at your expense with regard to safety.

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Injuries at commercial Halloween haunted houses in Indiana can happen through:

  1. Aggressive scare tactics where employees, in an effort to give you and your kids the full experience go too far with their scare tactics, pulling or grabbing at little kids who may then go on to suffer serious sprains and dislocations.
  2. Excessive use of carbon monoxide via an artificial fog system which can cause loss of consciousness, particularly if there is no sufficient ventilation.
  3. An exposed floorboard which wasn’t set up in the right way may give way and cause patrons to fall through the cracks, breaking their legs or suffering internal organ injuries.
  4. Falling props which were originally designed to pop out of the side of the wall or ceiling being hurriedly installed by a negligent worker.
  5. Lack of clearly designated exit signs can lead to trampling when children, due to being excessively scared, can go running for the door in a chaotic manner, causing many of them to fall and suffer injuries.
  6. Slip and fall scenarios where one steps on fake blood or trips over a wire which was supposed to be stored away from view and out of the main path leading from one room to the next.

I Signed a Release Form. Can I Still Recover Compensation?

You are probably going to be asked to sign a release form before you access a Halloween commercial haunted house in Northwest Indiana. This technically absolves the management of any liability should you be injured. That being said, please remember that these release forms are open to interpretation, and cannot protect the owners of these commercial haunted houses in Northwest Indiana from litigation if their actions are found to be excessively negligent or reckless.

Looking for a haunted house injury lawyer in Northwest Indiana? Please give us a call today on 877-561-3004 to learn more about what you stand to gain as compensation. 

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