Legal Help For Crosswalk Accidents In Northwest Indiana

Pedestrians have a right to use the road in the same manner as motorists do. Sidewalks are specifically designated for this purpose, and no vehicles are allowed to infringe upon this piece of real estate for whatever reason. At the same time, pedestrians rely on crosswalks to safely make their way from one side of the road to the other. These are usually demarcated by white lines behind which all cars must stay as long as the traffic light is red.

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Crosswalks across Northwest Indiana are usually marked by painted, white lines. That being said, these areas don’t necessarily have to be demarcated via a line, and sometimes, just a signpost will suffice.

Right of Way Pedestrian-Driver Accidents in Northwest Indiana

Pedestrians are given what’s called right of way in Northwest Indiana. That is to say, you as a pedestrian have a right to have a car yield for you when crossing the road at a crosswalk even when traffic controls aren’t in place or working. In addition, other vehicles may not pass a vehicle that has stopped for you in order to let you pass. Every year, thousands of pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents across the U.S. by reckless, negligent or arrogant drivers.

Medical Damages for Accidents in Northwest Indiana

Pedestrian accidents in Northwest Indiana can be serious, necessitating prompt medical attention. More often than not, these individuals suffer broken bones, internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries and even traumatic brain injury, all of which require expensive medical treatment.

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