Negotiating With The Insurance Company

Insurance companies, just like every company in America, exist to make a profit. Insurance has a large role to play in the average American’s life because it helps pay out a lump sum or take care of your bills when you need it the most. That being said, insurance companies aren’t in the business of taking care of its customers: they will try in any way they can to minimize your claims and pay out the smallest amount possible just so they can keep making huge profits at your expense.

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Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

Insurance companies are multibillion dollar entities. They got this way over the decades by marketing their products heavily and making people like you and I believe that we absolutely need to take out every other policy they have in the market. On top of that, they hire armies of attorneys, mathematicians, statisticians and actuarial scientists whose job it is to make sure that their payouts are kept low while they keep making profits.

Insurance Companies are Vultures

After suffering an injury, it is likely that you’ll receive a call or a visit from an insurance representative. In fact, they may even come visit you in hospital or rush to the scene of your accident. They will then proceed to ask you questions or make you sign documents with the intent of getting you to admit some kind of fault. In fact, they may even go as far as investigating your background in an effort to find something which may invalidate your claim.

Insurance companies will approach you at your weakest and try to get you to settle. They know that you are probably emotionally and mentally beaten up, as well as desperate (not forgetting strapped for cash). They will try to convince you that filing an Indiana personal injury lawsuit will take too much time and that the payout won’t be worth it. Don’t listen or entertain them because once they have you on record accepting or countering their offer, they can use this information in a court of law to discredit your injuries and pay you pennies.

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