Understanding Your Rights After A Dog Bite Or Dog Attack In Indiana

After someone you love is attacked by a dog, everything becomes a blur. You race to the emergency room, wait through countless examinations, and even sit through surgery before you fully understand what is happening. You may have to take time off work to help your loved one recuperate, a process that often involves medications, psychological trauma, scarring, or even plastic surgery. After all of the suffering your family member has gone through, you can’t help but wonder: is there a law to protect people from these kinds of accidents—and if there is, how can you hold the owner responsible?

How Indiana Laws Affect Your Dog Bite Case

The state of Indiana does not have a dog leash law, but many Indiana cities and counties have created their own dog leash statutes. Generally speaking, Indiana dog owners are required to keep their pets “restrained” at all times—even on their own property—by keeping them indoors, behind a fence, on a leash, or tied to a tether. If someone in your family was attacked by a dog roaming freely, we can help you recover maximum payment and prevent the incident from happening to someone else. Call Northwest Indiana Injury Attorneys today to tell us what happened.

There are many legal factors that can affect your dog bite injury case, including:

Owner liability. Most laws allow recovery from dog owners if a dog bites or attacks a person without provocation, whether the person is on the owner’s property or in a public place (such as a dog park). Indiana law specifically states that the owner is responsible for an attack even if the dog has never attacked anyone before or was not known to be aggressive. Not only can owners be found liable, but anyone who is entrusted to control a dog, such as a veterinarian, pet day care worker, trainer, or dog groomer may also be held responsible for an attack.

Trespassing laws. A victim can still collect payment for an injury even if he or she was trespassing on the owner’s property. For example, a dog owner using an electronic fence to keep a dog on the property does not prevent people from walking into the yard.

Insurance coverage. Many dog bite injury damages are paid through an owner’s insurance policy, rather than by the owner himself. In fact, some cities require owners to purchase liability insurance if they own certain types of large dogs. Many victims cannot collect insurance payments without filing a lawsuit, as dog owners may deny responsibility for the accident. Our attorneys can discover if you are owed payment through an owner’s liability, renter’s, or homeowner’s insurance provider.

Breed restrictions. Local laws may affect the outcome of your case. Some Indiana cities have completely banned ownership of certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers. A few cities (including Fowler) ban pit bulls completely, while others merely require owners to purchase special liability insurance for their dogs and to keep their dogs completely within their control while off their property.

Our Chesterton Dog Attack Attorneys Can Tell You If You Have a Case

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